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Effective Network & Data Security for Your Business

Are your data and network secure? Securing your valuable business information is critical. At Shawn's Custom Computers, we conduct a thorough review of your network security to ensure all areas prone to security breach or data loss are protected. Find out more about how we can help your business in the Maryville, Tennessee, area by contacting us.

Questions You Need to Ask

Data security requires a proactive approach. Time after time, we meet new clients who fail to tend to their data security needs until after they have experienced a major data loss. Ask yourself these questions about your current data security.

Backup Data
When was the last time you verified your backup data?
Is all your critical data being backed up?
Can you restore a test file?
How often is your data backed up?
Does your backup have a backup?
Do you keep a copy of your backup data off-site in case of fire or theft?

Network Firewall
Do you have an up-to-date firewall for your network?
Are you running the latest build for your firewall?
Are your firewall policies and definition up-to-date?

When was the last time you checked your antivirus solution?
Are you running the latest version?
Have you downloaded the latest antivirus profile?
Are all of the computers covered by an up to date antivirus solution, including desktop computers, servers, and laptops?
Is your antivirus protecting the entire network from downloaded threats and emails?

Is your wireless network secure?
Do you have encryption set up on your wireless network?
Do you have a secure passphrase setup for your wireless network?

Here to Help

Shawn's Custom Computers is ready to help you get your data security house in order. All of the above points need to be taken into account when securing your data and your network. An open network is an open invitation for someone to compromise your data even if you have a backup plan in place. Don't wait until it's too late!