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Preventing Disasters with Best Practices for Recovery & Backup

Computer network disasters come in all shapes and sizes. From viruses, to hard drive failure, power spikes and just aging computers, a disaster on your network can bring your business to a screeching halt. At Shawn's Custom Computers, we believe in ensuring you have a proactive disaster recovery and system data backup plan to help avoid failures like these. Any company's disaster protection plan needs to incorporate the following aspects:

Antivirus Protection

In a world full of malicious software, you need to stay safe. Protecting your system from hacking and infection is an important part of disaster prevention. Is your antivirus software current, up to date and properly configured? If not, Shawn's Custom Computers can help you make sure that it is running on all computers in your office.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Having a battery backup system or UPS is critical for every computer on your network and especially for your server. If your battery backup solution is more than three years old, it may be time to replace it. We recommend using a UPS with built-in AVR technology to smooth out dips and peaks in power. All network switches, routers, and firewalls should be plugged into your UPS while providing enough power to keep your computer and monitor running. In the event of a power outage, your UPS software should perform a graceful shutdown. Turn to us for more information about using an uninterruptable power supply.

Data Backup

Properly backing up your mission critical data is probably the most important part of an effective plan. You need to make sure your critical data is being backed up on a viable schedule, including retention of file changes. An off-site backup helps protect your data in the case of theft or building damage, and regular backup and restore tests verify that what you think is happening in your backup actually is. When all else fails, we will do our best to help you recover your data and restore your office to productivity. We would be happy to discuss your disaster planning and help protect your office. To find out more about disaster recovery best practices, give us a call. Server and workstation backup software we work with includes:

• Cloud and Local Data Security
• MS Azure, Google Cloud and AWS Cloud Solutions
• CloudBerry Labs
• Symantec Backup Exec
• Acronis
• Carbon Copy